Media Center PC

We saw some of the Niveus stuff at EHX and it looked nice but didn't get a demo.
They are extremely nice machines, and are certified for 'audiophile' setups. They are also one of the few companies who offer a MCE compatible DVD changer.
Hehe nice, curious on that limited edition ones. The ones they do list the prices for run up to $6200 or so without the changer. The 'no holds barred one' must be $10k+.
Plus another $12,500 for the 5 linked DVD changers it supports....

Probably not unreasonable in the grand scheme of things. I know people who spend more than that on a stereo power amp. (And this would not even be enough for a down payment on their main speakers.)
Agreed, there definitely is a market for this. I unfortunately am not part of it...

This would have to complement and already exceptional setup to be beneficial as otherwise I would suspect a 'normal' setup would provide an equivalent setup, or at least be reasonably close at a fraction of the cost. Those who have the 'exceptional' setup however, would pay dearly for a complementary solution.
Very nice hardware for a PC.
They are trying to bridge the gap between a "PC" and an audio / video component.
For those of us in the PC software business - tally ho!
I know that the person who spent that kind of money on a PC will also eventually want to differentiate their software from Little Johnnys PC down the street.
Enter MainLobby!

Now, in comparing it to what it replaces for the performance, it's a dirt cheap solution. Start looking at video scalers with the same performance as a high end HTPC and the Denalli is a deal.
And, can that video scaler also turn the theater room lights down when it's movie time? Think not. That requires a Crestron lighting controller...