Medical Monitoring Replacement


Anyone know of a small wireless transmitter with a range of about 300ft that can be used to replicate some of the features of the dedicated medical monitoring systems like this?

ADT offers a small pendant the size of a half dollar (not photographed to scale on the webpage) or a watch-mounted switch. Both are waterproof and have a range of 300ft. I'm trying to see if I can replicate that functionality with a M1G for another application.

Thanks for ideas.
THIS unit from All Electronics may work for you. I have it here in my closet somewhere and noticed the range was good. I think I had it working a little less than 200 ft so I'm not sure if it would reach your 300 ft requirement (just never tried it at that distance).

Maybe try to see if they have a distance spec somewhere on their site. The main unit would easily be detected by the Elk.
This will do what you are asking for:

GE/Caddx NX-475 Single Button Water Resistant Transmitter connected to a GE NX-4xx RF Receiver connected to an M1 or EZ8. Program the zone as a Medical Alarm Zone. Of course the transmitter can do other jobs like open the garage door or arm/disarm the security system.

One of the fine distributors that frequent CT should have them.
I have used the NX-475 and had excellent range - on the order of 500+ feet easy.

You will NOT get the 2-way voice with this item, but prepaid cell phones are pretty reasonable and actually almost as small and light as the NX-475.

The NX-475 is a bulky and relatively heavy pendant. I would not be inclined to wear it around my neck on a daily basis. However, I believe you will get similar range in the smaller 2 or 4-button keyfobs from GE/Caddx .

With the 4-button NX-470 you can arm/disarm the system, use the bulb to turn on various lights and use the * button for panic. Actually, you can do a couple extra functions by pressing a combination of two-buttons.
Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier -- but I don't seem to be getting notifications on this thread even though I have it enabled by default. I just resaved the settings to see if it will "take".

Good options here. Even though my application is not medical -- I think I might give the NX-475 a shot as it seems to be purpose-built and the price is certainly not a barrier.

Thanks again.