Meedio celebrates 200th plugin


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Meedio Celebrates 200 Media Center Plugins With Massive Price Promotion

Leading digital media software developer celebrates its open development platform with the 200th submission to the Meedio Add-In Directory. From now until April 30, consumers can purchase Meedio Essentials for only $20.00, a significant discount off its normal price of $59.95.

Houston, TX – April 14, 2005 – Meedio announced today that its developer community has submitted 200 plugins, themes, and extensions to the Meedio Add-In Directory (MAID). To celebrate, the company is discounting its Meedio Essentials digital media center application to $20.00 until April 30. Meedio Essentials, which recently won a 2005 CES Innovations and Design award, normally retails for $59.95 from the company’s website at The application, built on top of Meedio’s open platform, is favored by many developers for the ease with which it can be customized and extended.

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$20.00 seems about the right price for meedio. Even $25-$30 wouldn't be so bad.

I still curse it everytime I redo my htpc though.
I tend to think the same thing - $20 isn't too bad. Maybe I should play with it.

Then I realize that I personally have very little use for it. I don't need a media front end at all (I never really used myHTPC (the free precursor to Meedio) after any of the installs I did). I use PCs for music and video but I don't need this kind of front end.

If they had the PVR stuff working (and it cost $20, too) then maybe I'd be more excited. I guess I have the next two weeks to think it over.
Well, I couldn't resist...

Pulled the trigger just hours before the deadline.
On-going project #4.... what will be #5? ;)
I purchased Meedio for the $20 just to play with it. Install went fine. Very easy. I downloaded the list of the "200 Plugins" which when I started looking through it, and thinking about Homeseer - Homeseer has many hundreds of "plugins" if you count scripts. Most of the Meedio plugin capability is handled via scripts in HS.

I will spend a bit of time to understand how to customize Meedio. Anyone got some starter links on a How To?
Anyone got some starter links on a How To?

I've been cruising their forums for a couple of days now, but haven't come across any really strong How-tos. There are a couple of good stickies that may help, but nothing in a format as clear as the ones found at this site. ((This site has spoiled me! :p ))

If you come across anything that is helpful, please post it back here, as I haven't gotten around to installing it yet. Of course, I'll do the same :p

I know the Help file that comes with it is a good starting point. Sphere, and others, put a lot of time into and did a great job. (I normally never look at the help files first, but for this app, it may be the way to go)
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