Meedio Essentials - HouseBot Connector


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Meedio Essentials-HouseBot Connector

This package includes a set of plugins which allow Meedio Essentials and Meedio HouseBot to communicate with each other. This will allow Meedio Essentials to display and change the properties of Meedio HouseBot devices. It will also allow Meedio HouseBot to send Meedio messages and commands to Meedio Essentials. It does not yet allow Meedio HouseBot to directly access the Meedio Essentials media library.

This is a pre-beta release. It does not yet include any automated configuration wizards and is not yet functionally complete. These plugins are not yet formally supported but you may test them on your own and provide feedback of your experience in the Meedio HouseBot community forums.


Here is the discussion thread.

Looks like Meedio is really starting to get it together (literally)... MeedioTV is due out in a couple of days taboot!