Meedio Housebot vs. ?


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Hey guys,

I'm finally starting to plan on my HA but haven't a clue which software packages I should be looking at.

I'm running Meedio Essentials on my htpc right now and I've seen that you can get a copy that has Housebot built in.

I was wondering if anybody had tried Meedio Housbot or if everyone is sticking with two seperate PCs. Also, if you are sticking with 2 seperate PCs, what software are you running and how do you like it?
I use HouseBot and I started before it was aquired by Meedio. I don't have my automation completely setup yet but I really like HouseBot. I was a long time HomeSeer user before that.

Housebot was a nice application, but I lost interest after they became part of Meedio. If you are serious about HA and like tinkering, I suggest you avoid Housebot.
I actually use my Ocelot/SECU16 for all the main stuff (keypad macros, timers, dawn/dusk sensors, critical logic, etc...) and Homeseer for the "ginger bread" (Web interface, Voice Announcements, etc...).

Just my opinion, but; don't use a PC based control system for anything you deem critical! (OK troops, flame away). :)
OK, I'll mention HomeSeer -

I guess I'm guilty of this, and maybe others are too, but I kind of assume that most people are comparing something new to HomeSeer - HomeSeer is always the standard (for me) of comparison. A lot of the people here are familiar with and use HomeSeer - but by no means all. Many of the people here are also active on the HomeSeer board.

Anyway, HomeSeer is my program of choice. I've been using it for several years and have not come across anything that I felt was worth switching to. Although many other programs definitely have nice, useful features.