Meedio website/forum hacked?


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I just got this strange PM:

The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of "Meedio". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:

[email protected]

Include this full email (particularly the headers).

Message sent to you follows:

since i am such a prik to everyone i have decide to give free license to Meedio Essentials. Please download the free 15-day trial and use the following information to unlock it:

User Name: Meedio BetaTester

Key: [electron: key removed]

again sorry for being such a prik, my daddy used to abuse me with a broomstik and peanut buter

other news, we need money raise to upgrade to invisionboard

we also try harder to make sure people are treated better on forum
I also got the message. Does anyone know who sent it and why they would have sent it? Whats that code for too? I'm guessing it wouldnt be wise to use it.
probably just some kid that compromised their existing forum setup, and used the admin interface to mail out a cracked key to all forum members.
I'm guessing it wouldnt be wise to use it.

I agree. You know they have already locked out that key from future versions, and with how many "little" problems they have now, you would want to upgrade as they come out.

I found this quite funny myself: LDs Chritsmas Gift (or something like that)

For those that don't know, LD is a long time forum member, who mostly makes agruementative posts. While I've never had a direct problem with this guy, he can be, well, a bit, well... just go read around their forums... my favorite posts are where he tells people to leave the forums...

His response to all this (and of course, he then ticks off another user immediately after this...)

alan, please report this immediately to your local FBI them

this is a felony, the person responsible should be prosecuted...the FBI will help

FWIW, have a look at the people arguing with me earlier, in particular maxtrax...i'm not saying he did it, but the english is similar (probably second language)

LOL ...
I got 2 of the e-mails. Pretty funny stuff.

One thing that really bugs me about the Meedio forum is all the garbage that gets spewed. Someone posts an opinionated thread and all the Meedio fanboys and lackeys come flying in and turn it all to crap.

LD is probably the most visible of 'em. Every time I see one of his posts I cringe.
I shouldn't comment because I haven't been following anything on the Meedio board for months (even before it went commercial), but I'll do so anyway.

I got the two emails, too.

Anyway, this is why you release a free product first. It's relatively easy to build user loyalty when you are offering something for free. The users will offer a lot of help and will defend the product ("OK, there are problems but it is free afterall. We should appreciate all Pablo [1] has done for us."). Once you have trained your users this way, those that don't abandon ship will continue to defend you even after you go commercial. It's probably a strategy that will be studied in business schools, if it isn't already.

[1] myHTPC/Meedio developer.