Merry Christmas everyone!


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The staff wishes everyone a merry Christmas, hopefully you will have the chance of spending it with your loved ones. To all the travellers here, drive carefully!
At the risk of stealing E's thread (not like this is the first time) can we possibly turn this into a "Here is what I got cool for Christmas" thread?

I will start. All of these were early presents though:

Relay 8 Output Module for my Ocelot
Two UPS Systems
Craftsman Roll Around Tool Box (wanted one of these for a while as it incorporated four different smaller toolboxes I had accumulated).

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas with their loved ones and families and you received a lot of cool presents as well.


EZ-RJ45 Crimper
UGotCall NetCallerID
Active USB Extender Cables
USB to Serial Adapter
***Small Popcorn Maker machine which looks like a full size old time machine***
$130 in Giftcards to HomeDepot
$80 in Giftcards to Best Buy ($50 of which i cant find now???)

Over the holiday I had my wife install a z-wave switch for me. She got it right the first time which was pretty cool. I made out like a bandit this year. For all of you who wish they would have got more than giftcards i would recomend making a list next year.