Merry Xmas electron


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Merry Christmas electron

Nearly one year ago's Admin(AkA electron) gave all of us "Do-It-Yourselfers" the greatest Christmas present of all. When electron created he didn't just create a website; He created a family! This Christmas all of his family would like to show their appreciation by presenting electron with two gifts.

Gift 1: Christmas Card with a Check

It's already on its way! You should be receiving a Xmas card in the mail within the next few days. Inside you will find a cashier check. Spend it however you wish but preferably on something you will enjoy!

Gift 2: Lifetime License to Invision Power Board (IPB)
Santa came early this year! With this license electron will receive a lifetime of free update from The license includes:

Suport Services
Support Service includes access to the Invision Power Services Client Service Center. Access will allow you to submit technical tickets for their highly experienced staff to work with you. This means you will get private, one-on-one help without having to post on their public support forums. You will also receive basic telephone support inside the US and live chat service when available.

Unlimited upgrades when electron performs them himself. If he decides he needs professional support from IPB then twice a year they will do the upgrades for him for free

Addon Rebates
Invision Power Board features add-ons which add valuable features to the software. These add-ons are an extra fee to the normal software and as a licensed customer you will receive these add-ons for free or reduced price to that which a normal user would pay. Discount amount varies depending on the add-ons purchased.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
From all the CocoonTech members
guys, I am speechless, I tried reading this out loud to my wife, but can't because I am really surprised!

But the honest truth is that this community would not exist if it weren't for you guys. Everyone has contributed so much that CocoonTech is very successful now, and has a very bright future. This site is truly ran "By Cocooners, For Cocooners", I am just the guy trying to manage the flow of data :lol:

I look forward to the site growing larger, and have you guys be part of it! Thanks again everyone!
Just a small token of appreciation for all the hard work you have put into setting up this site for all of us to enjoy. This site and the chat room has provided many hours of reading, sharing and learning for me, as I am sure for many others.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Electron, I have to also take time to thank you for a great board, and a chat room that has gotten me out of a bind with a quick question now and again ;)

As far as Christmas presents go, you might want to check out this Link on HS. It looks like santa WAS listening after all!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
When electron created he didn't just create a website; He created a family!
This site and the chat room has provided many hours of reading, sharing and learning for me, as I am sure for many others.

No truer words could be said.

Merry Christmas E!

May your home be warm during this cold and snowy winter, if not by furnace, then by the love of your friends and family.

It's true that this board is so great because of all of the people that participate, but you are definately the glue that holds it all together and makes it what it is today!

Thanks for everything!


how's that for being brief? ;)

Have a good one Electron, BSR and everyone else maintaining this site. There is nothing like user to user exchange to make a hobby more fun and enjoyable. HA is still new enough that the physical concentration of users is still very sparse. Forums like these help us find each other out!
We are thankful for such knowledgeable members such as yourself Guy (and others) who make this forum so versatile and worthwhile!
Hats off to a great job... it has become part of lives and will be for years to come... keep up the great work!!

John aka JohnW/jwilson56
I'm thankful and feel blessed that this forum, and all of you knowledgeable "friends" are here to help a "nube" like me learn something.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!
I've met a lot of nice and friendly people online, and I have to say that electron is one of the few whose persistence and willingness to help really stands out. For that, we thank you. And to all those who contribute to the hustle and bustle of cocoon, creating such a friendly atmosphere, a big thank you to you too.
Agreed, thanks for all the effort E!

Merry christmas to all cocooners, it's true that everyone has contributed to the great atmosphere here and I'm glad to be a small (albeit recent) part of this community.

I hope to be able to contribute more as I get into HA when I get back to Europe in Feb.