mHome, automate your house using MCE2005!


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Surrey, BC – February 28, 2005 - Today, Embedded Automation announced the introduction of its new mHome product line. The mHome product line is a set of products set at the intersection of the rapidly growing home automation and digital media center markets. Built around Microsoft's popular Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005, mHome is the simplest way to enjoy digital media and control your home from one convenient location -- your couch.

Initially, Embedded Automation is offering two products as part of the mHome brand, but plans to expand this offering significantly over the next few months. The initial products are:

mControl is a home automation solution developed for use with Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005. mControl provides the easiest entry point for users interested in home automation.


mTheater provides a comprehensive platform for experiencing mControl and media center applications. Designed to fit into your entertainment center, mTheater is powerful, quiet and has plenty of storage room. mTheater has all the necessary software loaded and is tuned for an optimal home experience.

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"We are very excited to finally introduce the product line. We have had a very enthusiastic response from our beta sites and early adopters. Everyone seems to want these products in their living room," said J.B. Golee, President of Embedded Automation. "We believe that mControl is simply the easiest and least inexpensive way to start the journey into home automation. And we believe that mTheater is the ultimate home theater PC in the marketplace. Our plans are to make these mHome products for sale in the next few weeks and to aggressively introduce companion products and upgrades."

About Embedded Automation

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Surrey, BC, Canada, Embedded Automation designs, manufactures and markets products and services for the home automation and embedded systems markets. In addition to the mHome home automation product line, Embedded Automation also provides a range of embedded system products and services.

For more information: [email protected]
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Went to their website for more info on the mcontrol software. Ok, I still don't know what hardware they support for homeautomation (X10, zwave, UPB)

Did see the notice that it was still in "early beta tests", so I guess it's too soon for them to reveal that.

I bookmarked their site, I'll keep checking back every now and then.

But it sounds pretty good if their software will work with my existing hardware.
I wrote the company, I know they read my email, but no response, hopefully they will get back to me soon.