Microphones for Voice Recognition


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Hello all,
I am in the process of making a switch from HCA to Homeseer. I am interested in finding out what kind of hardware would be best to implememt Voice Recognition. I will probably need 2 maybe 3 Mics. recomendations for hardware, approx costs and where to look to buy. Any help would be great, as I am a newbie with VR.

By the way, Homeseer is a great software package.

I use VR with Way2Call and Homeseer.

Just pick up the house phone.

I was curious about in house mics for the house But cost of a good system and really working turned me back to the phone/way2call. I feel VR is more a show off feature then pratical in my setup.

The crown mics are very good and I carry them.

For the mixer you can usually find them on ebay.

I've done extensive work with VR and mics placed throughout the house. I see my web was mentioned earlier in theis thread,but the information there is pretty basic. If you search the HomeSeer Message Board with my username "pkoslow" and add "vr", "gentner" and "biamp" to the search you should turn up a lot of detailed information.

HomeSeer v2.0 is in public Beta testing now and provides distributed VR and TTS announcements using a "speaker" app. This will allow you to run VR from multiple PC's and may provide a solution for you as well... again, lots of info about this on the HS board.