MicroSD Recommendation to use with HikVision Camera


I purchased a SanDisk 128 GB microSD card to use with a HikVision security webcamera a year and a half ago.


This storage media failed (replaced it with a cheap 16 GB that I had to ensure it was not the camera) and Im looking for recommendations on a replacement. Im a bit surprised that this failed so soon as it is a name brand and a class 10 card.

What is a brand that members are having success with? I dont necessarily need a full 128 GB (can go 64 but not lower) if thats a limiting factor in the recommendation.


I have a friend who uses microSD cards in a video camera he has mounted on his bike to record his rides.  He's been doing this for several years now, and hasn't found a long-lasting card yet.  He has used SanDisk Extreme Pro, Extreme Plus and EVO cards, plus some Sony cards.  His latest card failed after 19 months, writing about 14GB per week to the card.  By his calculations, it failed after writing just over 1TB of data to a 32GB card.
He previously used some Sony cards, which were worse.
His experience seems to be that the cards fail after writing their total capacity between 32 and 50 times.  That's far less than the cards are supposed to be rated for, and he has had several replaced under warranty.  But going through the process is a PITA. 
Yeah here had two Samsung micro cards recently fail.  I did not lose anything on the cards.
The failure was relating to the virtual RW lock.  I was able to get my stuff off of the card and get two replacements from Samsung.  Took about a month or so. 
Needed to take pictures of the two cards.  RMA's were issued right away.  The delay related to the return labels and me not getting them for a few weeks.  Fixed this piece on an extended phone call with many attempts to send me the return label.
Samsung warranty's it's cards for 10 years.
Samsung did replace the two 16Gb cards with two 32Gb cards.
I have putted a cheaper 16gb card in an Hikvision, and a sandisk extreme in the other last month, time will tell i guess, but so far so good...
I have two of these installed - SanDisk High Endurance 64GB Video Monitoring Card. I just checked two Hikvision cameras; they seem to be still recording after more than six months. I just use the SD card as backup in case the security recording computer has catastrophic failure or disappears. Also, I think Hikvision only supports 64GB SDHC Class10 cards.
Thanks for the reply. This HikVision specifically used 128 GB cards.

SanDisk is replacing my defective one (it takes a while) so I guess I’ll put that back in and see how it goes. If that fails, I just might get the brand you used.
I have a dash cam also with lots of failures. I'm not sure SD cards are built for the kind of applications they are being asked to perform.