Microsoft MN-730 802.11g

Having this card in my HA box I can attest to its greatness. I love this card and have tried many others. I had a pcmcia stinksys with a pcm-pci adapter. It sucked. I've also had some other pcmcia cards in my laptop and would enter the dead zone where my pc is now. I get 48mb connection and about a 10mb (or so)throughput at all times. The signal never drops.
Wow this is a good deal. You could turn around and sell these on EBay and triple your money. Thanks for the heads up.
I hope you guys like em as much as I have. I just ordered 2 more. I do suggest keeping the install CD. I've been unable to find drivers for this card anywhere except via the CD!!!!! Oddly enough MS has had 1 or 2 windows update patches for the drivers though.

I was told the drivers are available on an MS site, but I could never find em.
from the description:

System Requirements:

* Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Base Station or other Wi-Fi® access point
* PC with an available PCI slot; PC drivers are included for Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Home Edition operating systems .

From what I can tell, you can only get these drivers on CD (you can call MS and ask them to send you a cd) or through windows update.
Only in the last few years have I learned to save install discs. Glad I did. I've had that card in about 3 boxes now, and had the driver cd in a safe place. Really lame that you can't d/l drivers.
Have any of your orders been fulfilled? I just checked and my order is still in an open status? I ordered on the 23rd and its now the 26th.

********** Update *************

I called and the service rep stated that they released these for sale before actually having them. They expected them in the next week or so ????? May have been to good to be true.
My last order with CompUSA took a while to be sent. And they made no attempt to update me on the status. They split the order into two pieces. One shipped almost right away, the other took a while. They never sent me an update. Nothing associated with either shipment indicated it was partial (either online or in the box). They never sent a shipping notice (for either part of the order). I was able to check order status online - that's how I found out part of it had shipped - but even then, it didn't say that it was a partial shipment. The online tracking is done on their web site - they don't provide shipping company tracking numbers. And, after the second shipment was sent, the tracking information kept switching back and forth - one time the first shipped package would be called shipment #1, the next time I checked it was called #2. This changed several times.

While the prices were good, I am not impressed at all with how they handle customer support.

As far as the Microsoft networking stuff goes, Microsoft is getting out of the network hardware business, isn't it? That means that they may be waiting to get in something that's in very limited supply right now.
I've got mine! I ordered 2. One for me and one for a coworker. I think I might end up with both as he didn't realize it was PCI and not PCMCIA. :)
I guess mine aren't going to be shipped. I called again today and they stated they haven't received any as of yet. I guess it's all in who you talk to????