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I am in the process of building a HTPC. I just recieved MCE 2005, and installed it. The problem is that the Media Center did not install.

The program came with two disks that are labled windows xp media center edition. I already had xp pro installed.

The pc is an AMD duel core 3.8 processer with 4 gig of ram. A Raptor 10,000 rpm disk drive.

When I installed the disks, from what I can tell, nothing happened. I still have XP Pro.

Any Ideas or am I installing it wrong???

If you did a clean install using the 2 discs provided, you should have MCE installed. MCE is based on XP Pro. Check the Accessories menu, you should find the Media Center links there somewhere.
Does MCE "upgrade" an existing XP installation or does it have to be installed clean on a fresh disk?
has to be a fresh install as far as I know, but I never tried an upgrade, so I am not 100% sure if it's possible or not.
The two CD set you have contains, Windows Media Centre Edition, Tablet Edition and standard XP Pro, it all depends on what key you enter during setup as to what version installs.

For the reinstall, back up your data then just boot from CD1, allow it to format and continue with the installation, dont do an upgrade.

Make sure the CD key you are entering is for Media Centre Edition, then it should prompt you for the second CD near the end of the installation. If the installation ends without prompting you for the second CD, you have the wrong key and XP pro installed.

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Slightly different topic on MCE...

How do I repopulate the TV listing in the library so searches can be done?

When I first configured MCE I was able to do a TV search and select programs to record in the next week or two. Now when I try to search the result always returns nothing. When I look in the Media Player Library under All TV the only entry I see is the one program I did record. When I view the guide to make a live TV selection I see all the listings as expected. I tried redownloading the guide but it made no difference to the search function.

The other action I took between when I had a search and when I lost it was with Media Player / My Music library entries. I found the My Music under MCE to be useless because the library was so large. I deleted all My Music library entries and then repopulated with a limited number of albums. I deleted each library entry by deleting each genre under My Music. While this was tedious, it was much easier than deleting the 1000's of artists or albums. Seems like there should of been an easier way to "start over" than deleting one by one.