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I wanted to install a home video monitoring system. I have finally go the system together and started bench testing. I thought this post may be helpful for someone looking create small video monitoring system. I purchased the following hardware/software components.
Hikvision 2642 – 4MP camera is for large backyard. The camera is varifocal powered.  An application can zoom-in/out, but the focus will need to be adjusted. The camera has quite a few LEDs and range is 30m.
Hikvision 2542 – 4MP compact dome for carport. The camera will be mounted on back wall. It’s very small.
Hikvision 2032 – 3MB small bullet camera for front yard.
Linksys LGS308P - 8-port PoE+ managed router. Lots of options. I like the automatic PoE detection , high wattage, and full duplex port mirroring.
Milestone XProtect Essentials PVR – I compared BlueIris and Milestone. BlueIris is less expensive, but it requires more care and configuration according the knowledgeable support person at Wrightwood Surveillance. I ended up going with Milestone because same product used by major corporations. I purchased a 4 year maintenance contract too. The total price was reasonable (cost of one Hikvision advance camera). The software is very easy to install and use. The product is made of four different servers/services, Surveillance, Event, Recording, and Mobile. The Mobile server is the phone/GUI gateway, so it’s a nice feature that server can be installed in DMZ without compromising entire PVR system. Milestone has viewing apps for all major OS's. MS scans for cameras and auto-configures the software. Since Hikvision cameras support many types of motion detection, the CPU requirement is relatively modest. I have software installed on HTPC. I was able to view live feed with 2 phones and 1 tablet using only 30-40% CPU on AMD APU, 4core/3.4Mhz. Basically, package has low cost in terms of setup and "get it going". Although, MS is highly configurable using different recording, notification, and archiving rules.  I haven't used every feature yet.
Tupavco TP303 PoE+ Gigabit Outdoor Surge Protector – This product is comes with weatherproof box. I will use for backyard camera that is installed on 4x4 12ft post. . I installed product on one camera, and link speed is Gigabit. I also like the fact company angled the RJ45 connectors to make them easier to hookup. Only concern is this product is not from a well-known source, so I don’t know how effective it will be as compared to Ubitquiti or Ditec
DTK-MRJPOE – I bought two of these, one for each side of backyard run. Unfortunately, they are not weatherproof.  Ditec sells an overly priced sister weatherproof box. I am just going to use for the house/indoor side of connection.
Superior Essex Cat5e OSP - I bought a 150 foot roll from Discount Low Voltage. They shipped the product on wood wheel.  I noticed the Superior Essex name on telephone pole cable. I suspect this is same cable that major ISPs are using. The stuff is bullet proof and shielded. I needed a camera to watch my carport. I have to install camera at back-end of backyard to get best view.  I rented a big trenching machine to dig a 150ft run. I installed cable in conduit. I had to use a Hammer Drill to punch a hole through house foundation. It was a much bigger job than I thought.
Platinum Tools 100023C EZ-RJ45 Shielded Cat5e/6 - I bought these to terminate the Superior Essex cable.
SDS+ Ground Rod Driver 5/8 Inch Diameter - I have a SDS+ Hammer Drill, so I bought attachment to drive backyard camera grounding rod.
The cost was much higher than I originally planned. I suspect that total cost is in neighborhood of $2K. If a third-party would have done all the work, I can easily see this cost rising exponentially (especially the trenching part).
Nice write up! Enjoy it. Since you are concerned about voltage transients, the only thing I could recommend is to isolate your server via fiber to the switch.
Yes, thanks for the info. Keep us posted on how you like Milestone. Is that their XProtect product?
I purchased Milestone XProtect “Essentials” because the cost was slightly cheaper as compared to Express.  I didn’t need support for 48 cameras (Express version). Unfortunately, Milestone is discontinuing the “paid” Essentials license. The Essentials license will become “a free” with NO support product for up to 8 Cameras.  The Essentials user will have to reapply/renew the license every year. Current “paid” Essentials customers are being upgraded to Express version. The Express version's cost is a little higher, but the software features are the same.
I've been a Blue Iris (and Sighthound) user for years, and loved them both for the features they offer.  
Like d.dennerline, however, I recently added 5 Hikvision cameras, and it seemed to put a heavier load on my CPU (which is dedicated to cameras) than I liked.  More out of curiosity than dissatisfaction, I start looking at VMSs (again), and (again) tried Milestone.  The licensing change noted above was new to me, but the Essential version was very attractive since I only have 7 cameras.
The key difference between Essential and Express (for me) was the lack of NAS support for Essential.  But I can live without it since I have a Synology NAS set up to sync automatically to the NAS.  
So far, I am using MS Essential for 24/7 recording on all the cameras while BI handles the notifications, etc.  One nice feature was its ability to use the hardware acceleration feature of the i7 chip in my box that has cut CPU usage....
TurboSam, Thanks for posting more detailed MS information. I believe there is a few more weeks to purchase a copy of Essentials. I bought the five year care support package because MS seems committed to bringing new features out.
Was your installation experience as good as mine?
Is there a reason you can’t use MS notification features?
I thought I would have to spend .5d getting this all setup. I was pretty surprised because every time I install “Enterprise” software, it’s a big pain.
Milestone Mobile server uses Intel QuickSyncVideo for transcoding to remote clients. I was under impression that MS uses Hikvision’s dual stream feature and avoid transcoding video. I may change my HTPC to an Intel.
Are you exposing the Mobile server to Internet? I was thinking about using the SSL feature, DMZ, with a low-cost TLS certificate instead of VPN. that’s pretty cool.  There were forum complaints I saw that Hikvision camera’s “motion detection” is not sophisticated. Rain seems to trigger the motion detection. I haven’t gotten far in the creating event rules.
It would be very cool to receive a UPS delivered your package events.
I suspect the SightHound Developer version is being used because the ~$60/month is a little steep.
I found the Milestone upgrade offer on web site
Limited time offer for Essential customers 
Until December 31, 2016, you can upgrade to XProtect Express for free, when you purchase three years opt ‘in of Milestone Care Plus coverage at a 50% discount.
d.dennerline said:
Was your installation experience as good as mine?
Is there a reason you can’t use MS notification features?
It was generally straightforward, but there are a lot of things that take some time to figure out...
As for notifications, I just have not had the time to set up emails, etc the way I want and the Hikvisions cameras are generally taking care of that now.
I have not opened up the Mobile server to the internet.  About 6 months ago, I set up a VPN and I have yet to try using it remotely with Milestone but I'm thinking that should work.  Just another thing on the "to do" list to test.
As for the year end upgrade (which I knew about), I was under the impression that since my Essential usage was currently free with under 8 cameras (I have not paid any base or camera licence fee) I would have to buy a base license and 7 camera licences plus the care package in order to upgrade to Express (and get the NAS features).  Maybe I'm wrong on that.  Milestone offered to put me in touch with a sales rep, so I guess I better talk to someone to get an actual idea of costs. 
Seeing this thread I downloaded and installed Milestone XProtect Essentials. I only have 3 Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras. The auto config didn't see the cameras and adding manually gets stuck on "connecting". The cameras are set to port 8000. Did you guys have trouble adding cameras?
I figured it out by installing BlueIris. I needed to use port 80. Even though I installed the Essentials version it is telling me I'm in a 30 day trial. I thought this version is now free.