Mini-ITX for HA Computer?


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Well, it won't actually be the main HA server, but would be in the kitchen with a touchscreen. Want to have access to the HA server (have not chosen yet. ML or CQC) and be able to surf and maybe a recipe database and will have a barcode reader to read groceries when they come in and when they need to be reordered.

THink this will do the trick? THinking of this one

keep in mind that mini mobo's typically fit only in small-form-factor PCs, which typically require you to use either the onboard video or a half-height vidcard.

This means that it wouldn't be the fastest UI drawing program. In addition, if you opt to use it as an MLServer or CQCServer, the machine may not be beefy enough.

But, if you can live with those two limitations, and the cost is much lower than a regular box, that'd be fine.
Don't count out KVM extenders, especially the Cat 5 type. Then you can put the PC anywhere you would like and just have a single Cat 5 linking the two. Elegant, simple, and cheaper than building a specialty PC.
dbinaz said:
it definetly won't be for the server itself. just a means to operate it. I am going to get this case for it

I just want something small for the kitchen. I don't want anything big and bulky. Panel PC's are too expensive.

I didn't mean the Master Server, but rather if you want to have this machine play double-duty, it could control stuff. For example, the best location for my CQC Media Repository machine and my caller-id isn't going to be on the Master Server - it'll be on another PC.

My view is that as long as I'm paying an electric bill to keep this thing on 24x7, I may as well squeeze as much value out of it as possible.

I know you know this, but 3400's are only $160 on eBay nowadays. Pretty dang cheap, will work fine with whichever HA package you go with.
You could also use a laptop. If you can find one that has a broken screen (eBay?), but has decent specs, I think you would be all set.
Keep in mind that if you're considering an RDP-type solution (or UTMA), you might want to consider an entire 10" touchscreen PC with low power processor to be used as a dedicated RDP client. Fujitsu touchscreen tablets are in the $200 price range.
A mini-ITX works fine as a client, or even as a dedicated pure automation box. I used one for that for a long time as my theater and lighting controller. It had all the CQC components running there. No media stuff at that time, just automation to control the theater. It had more than enough oomph for that, and light access from my bedroom machine.

I wouldn't use one for more than that though really, or use it for a media serving box by any means.

Some of our customers use some all in one type touch screen clients that are effectively mini-ITX boxes I'd imagine, with a touch screen built in. They do make quite nice clients. Some also use them in the closet, with a Cat-5 KVM extender to drive a touch screen somewhere else.