Mirror Optic PIR Motion Detector Woes


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Hi all,

A few months ago I bought eight GE Interlogix Mirror-Optic Passive Infrared (pet-immune) AP100PI motion sensors from Automated Outlet.

Of the 8, five of them work just fine but three of them appear to have sensitivity issues. The "good" detectors will pick up your waving a finger at them while the other three can only detect you if you jump up and down like a monkey for 30 seconds.

All of these are new, fresh-from-the-box detectors and all have the same (default) jumper settings so I'm at a loss to figure out why some are more sensitive than others.

Has anyone else had this problem? How long will they last?

"Acting-the-monkey in Houston"
Just guessing here, but if they are the same GE motions (sounds like it from your description as I remember that product name) they had a million settings from sensitivity to height variations to different masking methods.

I quickly hooked a couple up for my buddy's new house without adjusting them. I did notice one to be a lot less sensitive, but I attributed that to not installing the PC board at the correct height in relation to the optics.

Is it possible for you to take the cover off and play around with the settings and PC board height? I think their instructions were not that bad, just haven't had the time to play around with them yet.

Thanks for the reply. They are all mounted at the exact same height. From what I understand about these detectors, the PC board in them are non-movable and have a set of pins that plug into the mounting base when installed.

One thing that concerns me is that on one of them, the (CCD?) sensor appears to be mounts a little cock-eyed (about 1-3 degrees rotation). Not sure if that would do something to it but thought I would mention it.

Thanks again for your help

Just saw this post. If you call Jim in our tech support (x203), he will be happy to work through it with you. We also now have a Houston number that you can call too - 713-574-5931 :)

I also have eight (8) of these sensors installed and I am seeing the same sensitivity issues, four or so work great the the rest not. I replaced one for testing with a IntelliSense IS-215T in the kitchen and it works great. These sensors do not have any pet immune, but most of mine are for occupancy and do not trigger alarms if tripped by the animals in the house while we are gone. You may want to pick up one of these from Martin at Automated and try it.

Please post if you get your situation workout on the GEs so I may follow in your footsteps...:)