Mixing RCS tr40 an HAI RC100 with m1


I already have a RCS tr40 that i bought long ago before they became expensive and the lower cost hai stats.

Does anyone know a reason they can be both controlled by the m1?



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just guessing, but from my recollection of how the ELK is setup for a thermostat(s), it is for one flavor at a time.

If you are interested in selling the TR40, give me a PM. I have a TR40 in my house and now need either a TR16 or TR40 for my barn. Don't need a TR40 (over the TR16), but if the price is right, might help both of us.


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You CAN have different manufacturers of thermostats into separate M1XSP's. We suggest M1XSP address 1 connects to HAI thermostat addresses 1-4. The RCS thermostat addressing is all handled in the Thermostat with up to address 16.