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Here is a screen shot of the brand new MLTheaterTek 3 device driver that allows MainLobby to have 2 way control over the recently updated TheaterTek software video player.

Keep in mind that with all MainLobby screen shots, you can completely change what they appear like to suit your home's needs.

MLTheaterTek 3 will also launch TheaterTek on a PC that only has TheaterTek 2.4.1 installed on it. Once TT is launched, MLTheaterTek 3 plugin can have full two way control over the movie, from any MainLobby Client PC on the LAN. This works really sweet to have the Samsung Q1 ( to be a complete remote control for the HTPC driving the big screen. You can also run TheaterTek on the wireless Q1 and play a movie preview on the Q1 first, and then launch that movie on the big screen.

Check out the movie status display on the bottom. Slide bar slides as the movie is playing.

Automation is also easily done. So, if you want to Pause the movie for Intermission, you can automate the lights to dim up, the movie to pause, and play a "Intermission" Pic.
When the movie is over, The MLTheaterTek plugin sets a variable that allows you to automate opening a new MainLobby scene to ask "What would you like to do? Play another Movie? Repeat the Movie? Shutdown your System?", etc.
Very slick.

Thanx to TheaterTek for working so closely with Cinemar to develop this very neat capability.

The MLTheaterTek beta just opened but shouldn't stay in beta very long as it is working very well. Couple of issues to go and it will go Live.


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