Modulating a Channel

I'm new to channel modulation so I have a few questions. I'm including a diagram to describe what I have currently and what I am planning to do. This is a fairly simple modulation project. In room one, I have a PC and a satellite dish. They feed the local tv by a manual AV switch. I am currently taking the feed from the satellite and directing it back to a distribution closet, through a coupler to a tv in a second room. This is working fine.

Now what I would like to do is modulate a channel to send a feed from the PC to both tvs in both rooms. We only have satellite so I'm wondering if I will need any filters? I am looking at using a Channel Vision splitter/combiner to accomplish this. I only have RF in the second room. Does my planned diagram look right? Can I do this or am I missing something?

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Hmm... I don't think that will work. I don't believe the satellite input can be combined with the modulator output.

Looks like you essentially want to combine the Channel Vision modulator with the built-in channel 3 modulator in the sat box. You'd probably get better quality by using a single 2-channel modulator but if you only want to pay for a single-channel modulator I think you'd need to keep the input to the sat box the way it is now and combine the RF output from the modulator with the RF output from the sat box, and then feed that to the remote TV.
Your method is what I was originally looking at. However, I would like to eliminate the manual AV switch box. The TV only has one set of inputs.
I would use a two channel modulator to keep things simple. Also does your satellite receiver allow you to do both outputs at the same time?

Seems that DirectTv has taken away the RF output on the HDTV sets. What are box are you using?
You can buy a component video auto selector so that you won't have to manually change the input. Take a look at Audio Authority Model#1154A.
You could also split the combined RF output before you feed it to the remote TV and connect the 2nd RF output to the first TV. It may not be the best quality but it will let you tune to either the PC or satellite on either TV without a switch box.
So that would still require a modulator? Also, where would the modulator go, before the sat box or between the sat box and room 2?
You would put the modulator in between the source equipment (PC, sat box) and the TVs.

So looking at what you have now, if you just replaced your AV switch box with a 2-channel modulator then you would split the RF output from the modulator into two RF-out feeds, one feeding the RF-in on TV1 and the other feeding the RF-in on TV2.

You would be losing some quality going from a composite input to an RF input on TV1 but if the screen is not large and your equipment (modulator, cables) is good you may not notice the difference. My wife can't.