Modulator and digital cable


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Hey, wondering if anyone could help out.
My old setup was 2 cameras into a channel vision modulator with a low pass filter injected into my analog cable system. Worked great watching the kids on channel 84 and 88.

Now I have digital cable with a set top box. I tried to inject the cctv and the box would not allow it. Any suggestions? The only way I got it to work was to put the cameras thru a multiplexer and run a 2nd cable to my TV and use the line in/aux channel. The only problem is that the provided cable company remote does not give me a button for accessing my line in channel, so I need 2 remotes. I also hate to see my modulator$$ go to waste! The other problem is that my TV only has 1 line in. I know, I know I am kinda behind the times with an old 27" CRT!
I asked the same question a while back and nobody had a solution. Because I will probably always want to create my own channels to distribute something (CCTV, DVD, PC generated status info, or whatever) I have come to the conclusion that I can never use digital cable.

Fortunately Sony (and probably others) makes a satellite box that will combine satellite, basic cable, off the air channels, and internally generated channels together so you can use one remote and one tv input to access everything. I don't think there is anything similiar in the digital cable world.
Thanks, I just signed up for 1 year with my cable company!
Now that I think of it, I thought I read somewhere about a cable splitter that was rf or x10 controlled.