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Moen Flo: claims to detect water leaks as little as one drop a minute


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Whoops.  Sorry.  I see that this topic has already been covered here:  http://cocoontech.com/forums/topic/31499-moen-flo-smart-water-valve/?hl=%2Bmoen+%2Bflo#entry265397  I had mispelled moen as moan when I searched for it earlier.
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I first noticed it available at my local Home Depot, but here's a link on Amazon:
At $500, not exactly cheap for a  flow sensor.  Are there equivalent flow sensors available for less?  Or is that what it takes to detect a drop a minute?
I'm impressed by the resolution.  I did a quick search and haven't yet found anything else like it.
Can the typical water company water meter resolve down to 1 drop a minute?  Or are those kinds of leaks undetected, unmetered, and un-billed,  even by water companies?


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There were units that installed on your toilet feed tubes but IIRC people complained they would false trigger too often.
I had a toilet tube break and flood my basement once. The insurance companies must love those plastic tubes toilets are supplied with. Now I toss those into the garbage and only use steel mesh reinforced tubes with metal compression nuts. The supplied plastic ones have no flexibility, either. They are a recipe for  flood damage after they UV harden.
In my new home I have five Insteon leak detectors that shut off selective appliances and/or my well pump.