Looks like a good deal... Can anybody comment if these are a good option for MainLobby/Homeseer/CQC/Housebot/etc???
Well, it uses the Elo touchscreen which is excellent. You will still need a pc with them as they are not a complete pc, just a touch monitor. This particular one looks like it just has the VESA bracket on the back for surface mounting.

Another option for a complete PC and touchscreen in several configurations is EZ Screen. Martin used to sell these under the name 'Central Screens'. They are pretty flexible, custom made and pretty reasonably priced imo.
BraveSirRobbin said:
Looks good. I did notice this note on the bottom that might be a concern for some WAF.

This item is off beige in color. Not white
At the bottom of the page they offer brand new ones with the stand in white. Quite a bit more but still way less than full price.
upstatemike said:
Steve said:
eBay has a bunch of them too - also in black.
Looks like an easy model to get... what's wrong with them that there are so many available at a discount?
At the original link, it says "Condition: Pulls" - so these are used monitors coming from somewhere.

Are these the same monitors that are/were available at ? I think they're a little cheaper there.
RonX said:
I'm wondering if it can be disassembled easily to flush mount inisde the wall? anyone got this?
Looking at the picture I don't think that would be too easy. If you dssamble it you will have a raw ELO and you would have to figure out a mounting method. Mine was difficult even with a hole in the wall behind it. Not saying it can't be done, but its gonna be a pita.
smee said:
If they don't come in the color you want, there's always paint.
I would rather just get it off ebay in the color I want. Apart from that, is the actual monitor any good? In addition to these used monitors, there seem to be a lot of brand new ones of this model available at a steep discount. Would most people go with these if they were buying 3 or 4 of them? Are there better options in the same price range?
One of the things that would concern me about buying a used LCD is the life of the display - especially the backlight.

It's not unusual for the backlight to die after a few years. And if these were used in some sort of POS or kiosk application, they may have been on all the time.

Some monitors have backlight tubes that are relatively easy to replace, but others don't. I have an old 15" monitor with a dead backlight (died within days of the 1 year warranty expiring :D ). Replacing the tubes should require removing the old ones and putting in new ones (if that's the problem), with a little soldering required. In the case of my monitor, I will actually have to bend metal to get the tubes out - I haven't done that yet.