Monitor Your Home From Your Cell Phone

having already done this, allow me to offer a few things i noticed:

1) you're forwarding port 80 directly to the camera... this means that every standard web request is going to the camera and there is no password protection. also, if you're running a webserver (e.g., HomeSeer), this won't quite work. furthermore, if you have multiple cameras, you'll need to assign them different static IP's on the subnet and use port forwarding to get to the appropriate ones.

2) it would be nice to provide the links for other popular IP cams (e.g. Panasonic BL10)

3) it's a little short, and although i think most people reading it will have a good base of knowledge for routers and camera setup

4) in step 3, I would recommend going straight for dynamic dns... unless they are paying for static IP, they're not going to be able to look up whatismyIP while on the road which is where they will most likely want to access their cameras by phone in the first place
Thank you for your response! I did forget to add password protection to the list. It's on there now.

I just wanted it to be simple and my main reason for posting it here was to provide information about
the "hidden" (camera) URLs.

If someone already has port 80 forwarded for another service, then yes, they will need to choose another one.