Monocle Amazon Alexa Gateway Service


Monocle is a gateway service that enables seamless integration of your private IP-based network cameras with smart home automation services such as Amazon Alexa®.

Note: Endeavor here started by purchasing a Ring doorbell and a Smarthome IP camera. Noticed that both of these devices are dependant on a cloud connection to work and do not allow integration with legacy style NVRs / CCTV. Here started to move towards IP HD H.264 cameras a few years back. Many of these cameras did also do first generation ONVIF. Recently purchased a new IPHD 4 Megapixel camera board. The camera is a combo ONVIF H.264, audio, multiple stream, JPG snapshot and smart cam. I am very impressed. Same MFG also makes 20 megapixel cameras for facial recognition options. That and found a "doorbell" video camera which has the same features.

This post only relates to using a new (and will test old H.264 IP cams) camera board with Monocle and Alexa Show.
The gateway service must be running 24/7 and can be installed on Windows, Linux (Arm, Intel, AMD) and iOS.

1 - create an account at hxxps://

2 - configure your camera.  Use your VLC H264 link for configuration.  Give it any name you want.


3 - read this:  hxxps://
4 - install hxxps://
5 - I had to make an adjustment to PFSense relating to DNS.
6 - now I can ask Alexa to show test or test 2 cams.