Monster Cable to develop Z-Wave HA products


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BRISBANE, Calif., September 8, 2005 –Monster Cable Products, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance consumer electronics accessories for home, car, office and professional use, announced today that it is collaborating with Zensys, developers of the Z-Wave wireless mesh networking open standard for home control, to develop a suite of Z-Wave-enabled home automation products.

“Utilizing the Z-Wave technology, we’ll be able to create a range of one-step set up and easy-to-use products that will enable our consumers to control their lighting, home ecosystems, home security systems, HVAC systems, entertainment products and a range of other applications in an unprecedented way†said Noel Lee, Head Monster and the company’s founder, “Z-Wave’s consumer-friendly technology complements Monster’s commitment to creating high-quality, high-performance products that enhance consumers’ lives.â€

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And you guys think Z-wave is expensive now
Well after all the lawsuits they filed bullying businesses which have the word "monster" in their company name, I won't every buy anything from this company again (eventho I never bought their cables).
That Z-wave train is picking up more and more passengers as it starts gaining speed.
Doesn't everyone own a $100.00 monster cable?

I do have one monster cable but I didn't buy it. When I worked for BB is was amusing listening to their stories they told customers Why they hhad to have a monster cable.

I'm just curious what they will make.
Check this out:

$4500 for 3 cables and a brief case
I bet monster will be the first company to make z-wave really stand out in the retail stores. All the poor idiots will buy it from BB because its cool and not even realize that AutomatedOutlet exist. I imagine it will cost a fortune.
electron said:
Check this out:

$4500 for 3 cables and a brief case
This proves it. There are people with more money that sense. What in the world is the brief case made of?
Just what I need a $340 gas filled & gold plated Zwave light switch with 0% oxygen content Hahaha! OH! You want it to dim to???? Thats another $200!

With all the talk of monster and cables here, if you guys have not seen Kevin Rose's new site, they do video casts with DIY stuff similar to Make Magazine's style. HERE IS A LINK to make your own audio cables, at a fraction of the cost. The instructor is a very seasoned audio engineer. The cables are claimed to actually be better than monster cables. Very well done and informative video....well worth the watch.
I'm with electron - while I agree that many cables thrown in with gear today are substandard, I actually boycott Monster products for a couple reasons:

1. They bully any company or event with the word "Monster" in their name or title, and

2. I really don't think having gold cables the size of a "monster" truck battery cable is required for (nor does it significantly improve) the current flow to my speakers or any other devices.

To be honest, the #1 most influential impact to music listening is THE ROOM ACOUSTICS. Even a boom box would sound better in an acoustically well-tuned room.

Save your money and buy a book on acoustics!

Z-Wave now, Monster? Baahh!!!
Speaking of cables and all those ridiculous claims by Monster Cable, the "Home Theater Hacks" book does a pretty good job of debunking all that junk. Nothing like a fresh new look at it from someone who doesn't have anything to sell to you... Actually that book is pretty good and is at a nice mid-level language for those who are already familiar with the basics of sound and picture formats but who need it all tied together as to what it all means on a practical level.