Monster Power 3500

Too bad I didnt look further, I thought all of those coupons were for new customers only (I've shopped there before so didn't use that).

I have a 2500, and couldn't pass up a 3500 for just over a $100. I'll move the old one down to the basement as I start to put more components down there. These things are very solid.
I just got mine last night. I have to admit they really build these things nicely. They are all metal and just looks well built.

I was already trying to convince myself of the improvements last night over the 2500 I had. Of course it would be in my best interest (and those of Monster) to believe this, but I lacked the enthusiasm to try and run a real test to compare.

The 2500 now gets sent to the basement to stand guard over the tivos there. was out of stock briefly but they apparently restocked if anyone is still interested. With the rebat it really is a good deal and these things last almost forever.
Yeah I got mine yesterday also. Certainly can't argue with the price. My brother paid 2x the price for the 2500. I certainly had to wrestle with the moral dilemma of purchasing a Monster product after their heavy-handed trademark enforcement against a bunch of small companies. But I figure picking up a new 3500 for a hundred bucks was almost like stealing from them so that made me feel better :)
Got mine too. Acting as a door stop so far. What did I buy this thing for again....oh yea, it was a good deal! I'll find a purpose for it yet :D
I have to admit, my wife was watching tivo, and one of the tivos is modulated and one is piped in using component video. Clearly the component one looks better. The surprising part is my wife seems to favor the one that is modulated over coax.

I saw it on the screen today and I have to admit it really made a difference in the picture so much so I thought it was the component feed since the tivo screens were clear(er).

I did not expect to see as much of a difference since I had a 2500 hooked up previously (it still is stage 3 vs stage 2 filtering on the 2500). Not to say that I do not think the filters worked, I just did not anticipate them being as apparent since I was already using the 2500 and comparisons of this sort usually seem hard to compare clearly.
I’m really pleased with mine as well. It ended up replacing two aged Panamax MAX1000+’s in my rack. I really like the fact that they included the rack mount tabs.