More cool (and free!) HTPC software!

I've got a friend who uses gbpvr. He has a PVR250 to record but uses the MediaMVP as the user interface. He's been very impressed with it, but says that it's got some stability problems (not unlike some of the other programs, including commercial ones).

I think the combination of something like gbpvr running in a closet somewhere (or at least not in the tv room) and thin clients like the MediaMVP is a really good idea (at least for people driving TVs using composite or svideo). If you hide the computer, you don't need to worry about fancy, quiet cases, etc.

I agree with a list of HTPC software!. Would really help someone like me, who is just starting in this area.

Just reading the descriptions of capabilities helps, as one companies expalnation of a feature may be clearer or easier to understand then anothers.

example, In my opinion, SageTV explains their product better then BeyondTV (from smee's link yesterday)