More Cool Weather Icons


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I found these some time ago, and thought I would share them, as I see Electron posted some here in another thread, and people seem to want all the weather related suff they can get :) E's were for the PPC, and this set is for the PC.

I searched on and off for quite some time, looking for animated weather Icons. These are in .gif format, and named in the standard format.

I see no need for doubling up on the uploads to multiple message boards, so I have just put the link to where I posted them on the HS board.

we really should put all these threads together, making it easier to find this kind of stuff. Great link Rupp!
RUPP!!!! Woah! VERY nice link! That page took a couple minutes to load even with my Extreme DSL!

I agree, there should be a location that we could share things like this, all in one place, dare I say ANOTHER Catagory ;)

It would be a nice addition, to have a catagory STRICTLY for HA related graphics. I see SO many posts on here and the HS board that read......

"Does anyone have an icon/graphic for -----------"?

It would be nice to have a central area for such questions, replies, and graphics. I have done a LOT of custom stuff, and am more than willing to share. I just dont want to start posting images in thread's and topics that are not relevant.

So what do ya think E?
I agree with John. A dedicated thread would be nice. Or better, two. One for HA related graphics, and one for HT related graphics.
That's why I started a thread about this, but it spawned quickly ;) Keep posting those resources, I will combine them in one post, and start a new thread (similar to the dvr thread I recently started).
E, A thread is ALWAYS going to spawn, and spread like a virus! ;)

I was looking at a more perminent sollution, an actual "category", and not just a thread. The title for your thread was "Cool Weather icons". I was thinking of the broader picture, to encompass everything HT/HA related. I have seen a lot of talented gaphics work by many of the users, and it would be a great place to share the work, and help others. No matter how hard you try to copy and paste links, and cross link, there still needs to be one place to look. I have seen weather Icons here, a garage door there, and keypad graphics somewhere else entirely. Honestly, even knowing this msg board pretty well, I would have not thought to go to the "Wiring closet" to find a perticular graphic, and would feel uncertain about the topic to even post such a request.

Something like:


- Wiring Closet
- Programming Requests
- ~~~~~~~
- Graphics Library and requests

I realize it would be adding yet another category, but I think it one that is certainly well justified. I have done so much googling till I am blue in the face sometimes, looking for HA/HT graphics to jazz up my displays. Theres just not much out there, and this would be a great way to fix that :)

Of course, all of this is just MY opinion, and only a friendly suggestion.
So E, does it look dooable at this point? I have quite a few custom graphics I have done here for all sorts of HA/ HT stuff that others could possibly be able to use.
I was going to include something like that in the next version of CocoonTech, as I have to figure out how to allow people to upload these files (if you use attachments, then they might be cleaned out by accident), unless you want to just post links.