More Insteon news and a picture!

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The Boston Globe ( posted an article about Insteon. They also included a picture of some of the Insteon hardware, the first public picture if I am not mistaken:

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Yup, I believe that is the first public picture.

The modules look the same, which isn't surprising and isn't a bad thing.

But what is that black thing? I couldn't find anything in the article that talked about it or identified it. It doesn't look like anything that matches any of the other manufacturers discussed in the article. It looks like it says SmartHome on the top left and TouchLinc on the top right. Can anybody see differently? But that is a completely new TouchLinc look, if I am not mistaken. And a TouchLinc II was not mentioned in their previous press releases. Could that be a beta of the ControlLinc II? Maybe they changed names midstream to avoid confusion?

The article also states "The first Insteon-based products are due to appear in stores by April." As far as I know, the SmartHome modules haven't previously been available in stores, have they? And assuming they meet that April date, that is very early in Q2, which is good. I was expecting them in late June, barely in Q2.
Based upon this SmartHome KeypadLinc pdf manual, it appears that the ControLinc is item #4017. But I couldn't find that item on their website, even by making up my own direct URL.

It also appears that their press release may have a typo in it as their trademark statements spell it with one "L" and the press release had two "L"s.
I am pretty sure that says TouchLinc too, I really need to get a hold of someone at SmartHome.
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