More Than 6000 Request ZigBee Specification


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SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2005--In less than two months since being made available to the public on June 13, the ZigBee Alliance(tm) today confirmed that more than 6,000 OEMs, vendors, service providers, designers, and educators have registered to download the ZigBee specification. Further illustrating its growing market presence, the ZigBee Alliance also announced it has doubled its membership in the last year. Driving the increased membership is the Alliance's recent addition of a new level of membership, the Adopter Class, which has grown to include more than 30 companies in less than five months. As companies continue to download and review the specification, the Alliance anticipates expansive membership growth as OEMs from around the world begin developing ZigBee products. Already, OEMs and end-product manufacturers represent 30 percent of the global membership.

The ZigBee Alliance today welcomes 42 new member companies, bringing its total membership to 178 companies. The Alliance's new members are: Akita Electronics Systems Co., Ltd.; Alpha Networks, Inc.; AMX Corporation; ASIX Electronics Corporation; Assa Abloy Identification Technology Group; Awarepoint Corporation; C-Guys, Inc.; Develco A/S; Digi International; Eager Co., Ltd.; EDevice Technology; Embedded Research Solutions; Embedit A/S; Everest Consultants, Inc.; Glass Expansion PTY, Ltd.; HangZhou Silian Microelectronic Co., Ltd.; Hubbell Building Automation, Inc.; iControl, Inc.; IMST GmbH; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics; J-S Co. Neurocom; KEPAR Electronica S.A.; Marlin Controls, Inc.; MicroWise System Co., Ltd.; NURI Telecom Co., Ltd.; Radiocrafts AS; Risen World Technologies; Sangikyo Corporation; Seasolve Software, Inc.; Sensametrics, Inc.; Skyley Networks, Inc.; Stepone, Co., Ltd.; Telegesis; Tepco Uquest, Ltd.; Timelox AB; Telecommunications Technology Association; Ubiquitous System Laboratory, Inc.; U.S. Power, Inc.; VISONIC; Westinghouse Light Management Systems; Yaskawa Information Systems Corporation and Zilog, Inc.

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