More UPB technology to be showcased at EHX 2005


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In addition to a complete line of UPB products, Web Mountain Technologies will be demonstrating an interface between the NetPlace Home Server and HAI controllers as well as a new UPB-enabled product: The Mitigator water control system from H2Control.

The Mitigator is the first total water shut-off product using UPB technology that helps prevent flooding from plumbing systems. The Mitigator system uses a full-port, actuated ball valve to control water flow at the point where it enters your house. State-of-the-art Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology sends a signal over the home's wiring system to the system's servo valve controller, which opens or closes the ball valve.

The NetPlace server performs many home automation tasks, with a fully functional Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) control module as its cornerstone. UPB is gaining momentum rapidly among Integrators and is starting to be noticed in the end user world, where X10 has reigned supreme for more than 30 years. With many UPB-aware Integrators already using HAI for security and HVAC control, the NetPlace integration with HAI controllers will be indispensable in order to offer tight assimilation of all home automation functions.

With NetPlace's user interface building tools, custom interfaces can be designed to be shown on PCs, web tablets and touch panels anywhere in the house. The NetPlace to HAI integration will allow Integrators and home owners to design custom user interfaces that will control and monitor devices connected to the HAI controller.

Web Mountain will demonstrate The Mitigator and its integration between NetPlace and HAI in booth 930.