Mother Board Monitor


I think just about everyone know this but since we cator to beginners I thought I would post this one.

Mother Board Monitor is a free utility that can run in your system tray and display voltages and temperature areas of your motherboard.

This utility is especially critical to users that build their own systems and want to make sure everything is running within specifications.

I have three AMD systems that I built and use this utility to monitor temperatures of the CPU, General Motherboard (Case) and Power Supply. You can also have this program shut down the computer in case a component exceeds a set temperature point.

I believe there is even a Homeseer script so some monitors show up as devices (I haven't used this).

You can get Mother Board Monitor here.
I also love MBM, along with Jon00's HomeSeer script (evailable at My HomeSeer computer is now smart enough to turn on the ceiling fan or other auxillary cooling fans if the computer gets too hot. Most of my computers are semi-naked, so extra airflow in the room can help.