Motion Detector....


I just got my wireless motion detector. Its enrolled and ready to go.
I do not understand how to set it up so it wont trigger the alarm when system is armed stay or night.
i also do not want it to chime every time someone walks by and triggers the detector similar to a door being opened.
i also do not want it to say that zone 1 not ready when i am trying to arm the device.

ah. this drives me crazy.
if you want it to not trigger an alarm, set it up as a non-alarm type. I'm not in front of elkRP right now, if memory serves non-alarm is type 16.

If you don't want it to chime, uncheck the chime box.

Not sure about the zone1 statement. What's on Zone1? The motion?
You want to make this an interior zone so that in stay or night it does not trigger that alarm. Only perimeter and 24 hour zones will trip the alarm in stay/night mode. During away mode it will be active and protect the area it is installed.

You dont have to enable chime on this zone and if you dont it will not chime or announce. Chime is enabled by indivicual zone.

Its easier then you think. In fact its so easy you dont realize how to do it. I think you are looking for a complicated answer and missing how easy it is. Take a step back, a deep breath, and read the manual regarding zone types etc and you should figure it out. If not ask again since its easy to read right by something. Even professionals miss things lie this sometimes if they dont know a panel.
Digger, you are right. I am looking for a complicated answer.
Do not get me wrong. I want to use the motion detector as another laywer of security when the home is armed away. I do want the alarm to go off when motion sensor is triggered.

This morning my son left the house before me. Muscle memory one may say, but he armed the alarm away mode - i was still inside. I usually leave before him but not today.
The motion detector triggered the alarm and i got the call from next alarm.

So my goal is to use the motion sensor when system is armed away or vacation, but do not call the monitoring company right away.

For any other modes including when system is not armed act like a automation sensor.

is it possible?
So my goal is to use the motion sensor when system is armed away or vacation, but do not call the monitoring company right away.

Couldn't you use one of the entry/exit zone types to add the wanted delay (and turn the chime off for the zone)?

01 Burglar Entry/Exit 1 - For perimeter entry/exit doors. Allows a time delay to enter and exit during arm and disarm.
02 Burglar Entry/Exit 2 - For perimeter entry/exit doors that require more time delay during arm and disarm.
Program the zone definition as 04-Burglar Interior. Do not check the enable Chime selection for the Zone. The motion detector will not work when armed Home or Night and will work when armed Away or Vacation. With the Chime disabled it will not chime when you walk by it even if the Chime is turned on at the keypad.

You can still use the motion detector in writing rules.

FYI: The Night Defined Zones are for an area like a basement or garage. When armed Stay Mode the zone will NOT be active. When armed NIGHT, AWAY, or VACATION Mode the Night Defined Zones will be placed BACK into the system, causing an alarm if tripped.
He said he wanted a delay if the motion detector is triggered, even in away mode. "04-Burglar Interior" will create an instant alarm if tripped during the away modes, correct?

Will this work?:

05 Burglar Interior Follower - For motions detectors, interior doors, etc. which may be in the keypad or entry pathway.
If an entry delay zone is violated first, this zone will delay (Follow) also, otherwise it will create an instant alarm.
This zone type IS NOT ACTIVE during the STAY, STAY INSTANT, NITE, and NITE INSTANT arm modes.
OK, I re-read the definition of "05 Burglar Interior Follower " ... It looks like an entry delay zone must be violated first. (i.e., an exterior door)
I think a defination of 01 Burglar Entry/Exit 1 - Would work the best... but if someone does get in without tripping the alarm then they will also have this delay and the keypad will warn them of the pending alarm. just like opening a outside door.
Why not just use a dialer delay on this zone. It would sound locally but would allow the user to disarm the system before dialing out to the central station.
You can't use the Entry/Exit zone because if armed STAY or Home the motion detector will not be taken out of circuit. Digger, had a good suggestion of adding dialer delay which will delay when the dialer starts dialing and give you time to disarm the system and abort the call upon a false alarm. Keep in mind a dialer delay will delay all alarms.

I thought the Dial Delay was enabled by zone on the M1 so you could pick and choose the zones you wanted to have the delay on. I know that the delay has to be the same for any zones that would have it.

Or am I getting confused since I havent spent much time with my M1 lately....... :)
I want to report on my motion detector experience.
First of all i decided to use it for automation to control my new TR-16 thermostat and not trigger the alarm. Is it possible?

Second thing, which is very strange, i do not think the motion detector works as expected. Here is why i think so.
The manual said to set the motion detector in the test mode by removing the cover and pressing a spring button. The red light will come on when movement is detected. I did that. I saw the red light. So I mounted the device.

3 minutes later [according to the manual the device automatically comes out of test mode after 3 min] the device stopped working. It does not matter what i do the light wont come on. I dance, jump, wave my hands, but the red light does not come on.

It also said that in order to preserve battery life the device will stop detecting motion after the alarm is triggered. Hm. Does this mean that if my Elk is not armed the motion detectior should not detect motion? Please tell me this is not true. :)

- Misha
I have the same or similar detector. The LED will only light in the test/walk mode. Also it will only trip once every 4 minutes or so to conserve battery life. For security purposes that is fine. For automation it may not be suitable depening on the application.

Its actually a good detector. I have no false alarms at all and we have 2 cats running around. Also the unit is installed over a year on the same batteries and its in my living room.

I think you need a hardwired detector for your application. I use teh GE PI6000 which looks very similar to the one you have. then set it up as a non alarm type zone (type 16 maybe). Then it will strictly for automation.

If you only want it to sense occupancy for your heating system then itmight work with what you have.