Motion Lights continously false triggers

I added one of these IR motion detectors to one of my outside lights. However it continiously triggers regardless if the sensativity is turned all these way down. The light comes on then goes off for a few seconds then turns back on. The red LED indicator blink indicating motion.Does this all night long then goes off during daylight. After a week of this annoyance I disabled it.

Here's what I've tried, all with same result.
1. Sensativity at lowest setting.
2. Covered sensor lense with 10mil black tape. Can teh IR go thru the tape?
3. Tried a different sensor head.

The sensor is aimed a large gravel parking area.


Any ideas?

If you replaced the sensor and it does the same, it's enviromental now. IR can't see through tape or sufficient masking, however it may be possible there might be a couple of bad sensor heads.

Otherwise, it sounds like more enviromental investigation is going to be needed.
I think you will like the RAB much better. I had replaced 2 Home Depot Zenith Motion sensor lights over the last 4 years then spent the extra to by the RAB and it is much better and the sensor seems right on never once have had a false sense but trips perfectly even with my dog.