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Motion Sensors / Glass Break Sensors


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I'm struggling a bit for placement on a motion sensor that I have (Honeywell 5800PIR).
I'd like to put it on the first floor of my house, but it has an open floor layout.  First floor is pretty much just one really big room.
  • I'm assuming you don't want a motion sensor on the path from the entry door to the keypad.  If I'm understanding how the system works in Away mode, you have a disarm delay when you open a door, but interior zones trigger immediately.  Correct?  If this is true I would think you would trip the motion sensor trying to turn off the alarm.
  • I've read that motion sensors don't deal with direct sunlight very well, but indirect light coming in from a window w/o blinds generally is ok?
Considering the two items above, I'm wondering if I would be better off ditching the motion detector all together and getting a couple glass break sensors.  My main concern is someone breaking in through either the sliding glass door or the decorative glass door on the front of the house.  I already have all the doors / windows armed with Honeywell 5811 sensors.  If the motion detectors are sunlight sensitive I'm not sure I have a good place to put them.


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The Elk has a zone setting "burglar interior follower" that you use for a motion covering the keypad.  Don't know about HAI or others, but I would guess that they have something similar.


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You didn't mention what type of control you have. With the Elk you can set the motion detector zone type to "burglar interior follower" which is defined in the installation manual as:
For motions detectors, interior doors, etc. which may be in the keypad or entry pathway.
If an entry delay zone is violated first, this zone will delay (Follow) also, otherwise it will create an instant alarm.
This zone type IS NOT ACTIVE during the STAY, STAY INSTANT, NITE, and NITE INSTANT arm modes.
As I understand it, it will not alarm during an entry or exit delay.
As for the sunlight, I have a Bosch detector installed in a garage with lots of sunlight coming in through the windows and it has no problem with it. I would not point it directly at a window. Mine is pointed at a large open parking bay and it covers about 25' square area.


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I have an Elk M1 Gold.
Thanks for the replies - I think the "burglar interior follower" is exactly what I'm looking for.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks!