Moto power g 2021 phone on Cricket looses connectivity for no apparent reason


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Have not been able to find any reporting of similar issues on the web but happens to both our familys phones.  We had ATT before with Samsung phones and they pretty much just worked.  Limited signal in the basement so a few issues but that's understandable.  Switched to Cricket and Moto phone and the phone will just stop connecting at what seem like random times and places.  Usually turning on airplane mode and then turning that off will restore cell connection (and show decent signal strength).  Very frustrating.  Otherwise our phones work ok and they have the latest updates.  Took them in to the store and they said everything looked good.  But the troubles continue.  We are about to just get new phones to try to fix the issue but wondering if this is a phone or Cricket issue.  Would be very disappointing to get new phones and still have the issue.  And transferring back to ATT is difficult because now they consider it not a change of company so not any deals.  Want to keep the numbers.  I suppose we could port them to someone else but have limited choices on usable signal at home.  I think Verizon has usable signal based on their tower location.  That's the only one.  I know TMobile has poor signal here.
Cricket reset our accounts (not sure exactly what that means but it was done to try to resolve the connections dropping).  They still drop.  This morning I used GPS on the phone and it continued to show I needed to make the first turn even though the map display showed my progress.  When at work I closed the google maps driving app.  It continued to occasionally give me some driving directions.  I closed all my apps and it still spouted a driving command.  I now believe the phone is possessed.  Not really but it's the only explanation I can come up with for it's unexplained behavior.  Had some guests this weekend that have Verizon and had good signal at our home even in the basement so that's a possible carrier.
Here if I set the Android phone to track my automobile motion then it just comes up auto magically such that I do not do this.   
Cricket uses AT&T towers.  
Visit cricketwireless dot com/map dot html and enter your address or ZIP code to check Cricket’s coverage in your area. The system will display your location on a map and notify you of the strength of coverage in that area.
Personally I would download the LTE signal app (free) from the Google store and have a look at your Cricket LTE signals and leave roaming on.
I have only OK signals here with T-Mobile even after T-Mobile gave me an in home signal repeater.   Way back many years ago company I worked for did a deal with AT&T to provide cellular repeaters all over the campus which worked well.  
There are cellular tower / service maps available free for use here ==>
Recently my 1 year old Android phone has weird screen issues.  I guessed it was from some app that I had installed.
I do the auto back up to the Google cloud. I reset it and restored it from back up.  All is well now.
I just reset network settings on the phone on advice from Moto.  We will see if that helps.  
I was at Cricket yesterday.  They said if I had bought their insurance I could get a replacement (would get a different brand.  Have had good luck with Samsung).  I see Moto has a 1 year warranty but it has enough stipulations (including return in the original packaging) that I probably would have trouble getting them to do anything.