Motorola Homesight ??


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Hi All,

I was going through the Home Automation links and I have got to know about Motorola's Homesight System. Although it does not have the full range of accessories that a kit from Elk or HAI would have, It looks pretty good.

Please let me know if anybody has used it or tested it - the pros and cons. It at least provides the basic functions of Security and Appliance/Light control. I do not know the technology it uses. I would also like to know if any more accessories are available anywhere else.

Cheers !!!
It definitively looks like a godsend for those of us without unlimited budget. I I bet that the quality of the cameras cannot compare with what you can find elsewhere but you get what you pay for. Low quality video is better than nothing.

My problem with it is the lack of documentation and apparent lack of integration with other systems. This seems to be like a dead-end to me. Once you buy the system you must buy all accesories to them. If a particular accesory does not work or does not exist, you cannot go with another vendor. If they just decide to discontinue the line, you have to strip and re-invest in another system.

I see this fiting the needs of practical people (low budget, limited skills DIY), looking for an economical solution for a small apartment/studio using very few accesories.
I have an older version of this product. The technology comes from Xanboo, a NY company that's been trying for a while to make it catch on.

This is the same technology that was the Shell Home Genie and Shell determined that they really didn't want to be in the home security business. I had the SHG and Shell bought it all back when they went out of business.

I then picked up the previous version of the Moto Homesight product. I've been using it for low end video around the house. You have to have an attached PC and it will use the builtin PIRs to detect motion and email you images of the activity.

In a newer install for a 2nd home, I decided to switch to a PC-less setup. I use an Elk M1G and Panasonic BL-C10 webcams. The benefit is no monthly costs and a stable, designed for the task alarm/mini-HA system. Granted the video is independent with the Pana cams, but provides the same motion detection and image emailing.

I'd second not going with a proprietary system.