mounting ELK M1 input boards


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Here's the lame question of the day.

My existing security system has 11" x 11" x 3" cans for expansion. Each 11x11 can has two 8-port boards in it. I want to put a single 16-input board in each can, BUT they can't be mounted sticking out since the boards are 3.25" deep. So I need to mount them flat. My current boards sit in a plastic housing that is then screwed into the can - does such a thing exist for these boards?

If I use circuit board standoffs how do they mount into the can (ELK-SWNS1)?

I had a similar situation and just mounted a piece of wood (1 x 4) in the can and tehn mounted the expansion board to that. It was cheap and easy.
If this is going to be inspected they would probably prefer something a little more professional looking. You could mount the expansion board to a piece of plexiglass with standoffs and then mount the plexi in the cabinet. All of that would be available locally.

Elk does sell some mounting brackets for their boards and then you could drill some holes in the can to match.
You could either use mounting plates like digger said, or plastic standoffs direct into the can or even just double sided tape - elk makes some really thick stuff. I used plastic standoffs and mounted to channel vision horizontal plates that snap into the can.