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Sorry if this is an obvious question, but do you have an MSDN subscription?

I just checked, and the site seems to be working normally (I went to, clicked the subscriber link, and logged in with my passport).

- Dennis Brothers
Yes I do have a subscription but I have never found where to entered my login information to access it. Do I need to create a different passport?

I have a MSDN Subscriptions Benefit Access Number where does one enter this?

I get this when I login to a newly created passport account. No where during the creation of the account do I get an opportunity to enter any MSDN information.


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OK guys thanks for the help. Turns out that the default setting for cookies is medium and I had to lower it to allow all before it would work.

Now another question. The downloads are DVD ISO images. How do I write one of these to a DVD?
With a CD (or DVD) writer, you can normally choose to burn a cd "image" directly from a file, as opposed to creating a new project. Just browse to where you downloaded the iso file and open that one. Make sure that you're looking for a iso file type with your browsing window (there are other image file types too).
I use CD emulators, so it mounts like a CD or DVD without ever having to burn it. I just did the whole .NET 2005 suite on my work machine again today, and all is smooth.

Now these .ISO's from MS can be opened with WinRAR too, just think of them as a zip file, and extract everything to a temp directory and install from there...

BTW, I use FantomCD for my CD/DVD emulator, but there are several out there, many free or included with other apps. (Think one comes with Nero, but have not used it.)