Multi-speed thermostat that works with OmniPro II?


If shopping around for a new HVAC system with variable speed gas heat and AC is there a proven thermostat that will interface to the OPII? Preferably via Z-Wave. It doesn't appear any of the HAI thermostats will control multi-speed/variable speed conventional furnaces. 
I know you can put these furnaces in a dumb mode that allows a conventional thermostat to be used but I don't want to do that for obvious reasons. 


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The Omnistat 2 can control two-speed systems. You might be able to find some third-part thermostats that can control 3 speed.  As for variable, that's usually a propriety system and only the thermostats from the HVAC provider are likely to work and you are at their mercy on external control, if they offer any.


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The only ones I know of are Carrier Infinity, if you buy the $700 "system access module" that allows you to plug it in to the Omni....