Multi-Zone IR, How To Do It?

I have four distinct zones with receivers and other components in each. I also have four identical DirecTV boxes in each zone. I am using Buffalo/Xantech distribution blocks in each zone. I am using MainLobby\MLServer to control one of the zones. I want to configure MainLobby so I can control all four zones. I currently have an MLServer located in a network closet nowhere near any of the zones. I am using a USBUIRT to feed IR signals back to the one zone I am controlling with MainLobby. Is there anyway I can use a four zone distribution block to control all four zones using the same USBUIRT, or will I need to buy three more USBUIRTs?

I was looking at the four zone connecting block and it looks like I could use standard Cat5 (which I have in place) to carry the common IR signal as well as the individual zone IR signals back to each zone. What I can't figure out is how to use a single USBUIRT to feed four distinct zones from one location (the network closet). I know I can connect an emitter in the back of the USBUIRT. Would that give me control over two distinct zones? If so, all I would need to do is order one more USBUIRT. I would need four receivers. I could mount all on a board, putting each USBUIRT directly in front of a receiver. I could then mount the plugin emitters from each USBUIRT in front of the other two receivers. Is this how I should do it?

If not, can anyone give me suggestions on the easiest way to wire this up?

Not sure if Mainlobby supports the USBUIRT Zoning , but each USBUIRT has 2 ir out zones available via the 3.5mm socket .....Two USBUIRTS would allow you to tx ir to 4 zones.....What happens though when you try to control your TVDirect boxes locally in each zone ...?? Does your xantech system send the ir signal to each room ...???