Multiple Elk web users


Is there a way to have multiple users on the Elk web interface? It seems very limiting for it to allow only one connection at a time.
I thought the limit was for ElkRP only, the website could handle multiple requests. Of course this was my impression, and I have not tested this.

Update: I realized I had a few computers in front of me and tried this and had no issues with two sessions.

Did you see something different?

I did find that IE7 seems to crash when trying to connect to the elk. I had to use firefox. Anyone else seen this?
On the M1XEP Ethernet Module you should be able to have up to 30 non encrypted connections like local touchscreens and computers and up to 5 encrypted connections at once. As more connections are made, the response time will slow slightly.

This is especially important if multiple touchscreens are online in a home or if multiple PCs are running software like ELKRM Remote Management.

You can test the connections by running multiple instances of ELKRM on a PC screen. As the screen changes on one instance all the other screens will change.

Remember: When ELKRP software is running, all other connections are put on hold. When ELKRP disconnects, the other connections will come back up after a few seconds.

Only one connection of ELKRP is allowed.