Multiple M1DBH terminations

I have two M1DBH hubs on my gold panel. I have 11 device I need to plug into the hubs. Each hub is connected to the gold control board via a ribbon cable (J1 and J2). Can I plug in (8) devices to hub 1 and the remaining (3) devices to hub 2 and then use a terminating plug in port (4) of hub 2 or…..
Do I need to treat each hub separately as each are connected directly to the gold control board via J1 and J2?
In this case I would need to plug in 7 device into hub 1, then termination plug in port 8,
Then on hub 2, plug in the other 4 devices and use a termination plug in port 5?
From the install manual:
"Two (2) quick connect header pin plugs (J1 and J2) along the bottom of the board may be used for temporary purposes I.E. bench testing using a four conductor ribbon cable. Do not use for permanent connections."

Normally you would daisy chain the DBHs using 4 wire cable and only terminate in the last DBH.
Since the M1 allows two branches on the data bus, you could connect two M1DBHs directly to the M1, with a terminator plug on each M1DBH (and no terminator on the M1). All devices would have to be connected through the M1DBHs, or between the M1 and one of the M1DBHs. If you have more than two M1DBHs, the additional ones would have to be daisy chained off of the two primary ones.

(T)-M1DBH --- M1 --- M1DBH-(T)

or (T)-M1DBH --- Dev --- M1 --- Dev --- M1DBH-(T)
The M1DBH doc shows how to use a cat 5 (or 6) crossover cable to connect multiple M1DBH's to the same bus.