My CQC/zWave Reliability report: 100.00%


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I do so much complaining or asking questions around here, thought I'd post a note about something HA-related I'm doing that's working well. Now all I need is a dang Intermatic rocker switch (or 3)!

Since I added in that additional device, roughly 1/1/07, so 2 weeks now, my success rate with lights going on/off when I expect them to has been 100.00%. No 5 9's here, so far everytime i've hit the F5 button on the Elk keypad or opened/closed my closet door or hit a button on the screen, the lights have done what they should have.

Matter of fact, it's has been so reliable that last night my wife said "hey, the closet light didn't come on - that hasn't happened in a while". I reminded her that we had to turn off the Elk due to the battery issues i've been having, so of course it isn't telling CQC to turn the light on.

The token issues I have with zWave is the response time, occasionally the closet door will take 1.5->2s to turn on after opening the door. That's just long enough to be noticeable but not nearly enough to be irritating, so I'm fine.

Thanks again to Dean for beefing up that driver for my harsh environment. and, of course, past performance is no indicator of future success. Especially in my chaotic and constantly changing house.