My daughter's graduation

Guy Lavoie

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Ok, this has nothing to do with automation but here is a pic of my daughter's graduation. She has finished her batchelor's degree in Science, Mathematics at Universite de Montreal. She would like to become a math teacher (imagine...)

Congrats!, If he is anything like most fathers than he will be paying for her schooling long after she has graduated. Either way it is all worth it.
Hey thanks guys. Her name is Marie. She's done for now. Normally the requirements for teaching math include a degree in teaching too but the teacher shortage is severe enough that this is often waived.

As for the cost of an education, Quebec is by far the most subsidized place in North America for a university degree. A 4 year medical program degree at prestigous McGill U is about $12K for a resident of Quebec. This triples to $35K for someone from another Canadian province, and hits over $77K for a non-Canadian. Marie earned her own tuition through summer jobs and is graduating with no debt at all. She has been living at home with us at no cost to her, thus saving on any living expenses. I also earned my own college degree in Electrotechnology when I was her age.