My DIY home security


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hope my post will not be treated as intrusion, but I want to present here what I've done for my home.
It is a common thing that companies create line of products which they will lose support and new features someday. To overcome this, and also for my own fun, I started to create my own home security. I have around 6 year old house, and when I build it I put wires for sensors, and entry units on all the places. Just before moving in, I started to play again with electronics, and designed my first alarm board. It had web user interface, GSM, entry units. Since then I've design a few iteration, joined hackaday and started to blog about it. I moved from Arduino like gateway to 32bit CortexM4, while still keeping the hardware compatibility. Make it sort, It evolved into, I hope, quite nice feature rich home security system. Maybe someone here will appreciate my work, as it is able to work with existing commercial PIR, smoke, reed switch/sensor.

You can read more if interested on my blog:


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Hey there, nice to know about your tech. I was looking for some home renowed security system when I came across this forum. My neighbourhood was robbed recently and I am very much concerned about my wife and kid. I was thinking about getting my home completely secure before it gets any worse. I looked up online and came across several websites. We needed the feature of video alarm verification incase if me and my wife are away with our child alone in the house. If it includes in your featured tech, could you let me know about furthur more about it?