My ELK Shopping List

I've got a little saved up to start an ELK system. This is by no means the end, just a beginning and as the money increases I'm sure the add on's will. This is what I have planned. I hope to keep it around 800$ as that is all my budget is gonna allow.

1 C-150E - 50" Channel Vision Enclosure
- I'm sure I'll fill it up, ordering without the cover to save costs.

1 ELK-M1GKS - M1Gold KP2 system w/o enclosure
- The heart and soul of the install

1 ELK-M1XEP - Ehternet Port
- A nice to have, makes programming easier, and will make interfacing with my mControl system much better, won't have to be swapping out cables all the time.

1 ELK-M1XRF2G - Wireless receiver
3 NX-454 or NX-458 - Wireless sensors
- I know this adds quite a bit to the cost but there are just some places in my house just can't run a wire to, nook windows, I have also thought about doing the whole house wirelessly. So I wanted to see how the sensors were going to work.

The one thing I know I'm missing is how I'm gonna attach the ELK to the enclosue. I want to mount it upright. What brackets do I need? I've seen reference to the C-1320 lifting grid I think AO used it on their install and it looke pretty good. Any other ideas?

Will I be able to hook up the existing keypad and wireless reciever to the M1G or do I need a data bus hub?

I am planning on hardwiring some sensors and I may just bite the bullet and do those now. But I'm thinking with the wired sensors, I'm really going to want to probably add a centralized panel and run part of the house to that panel and then that panel to the M1G. And that cost will probably be the similar to the wireless cost. So the wireless may be better to start off with.

Any thoughts on if I'm missing anything?

If you don't care about putting holes in your enclosure you can just screw it in, that's what I did.