My existing Security system?


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This is the system i have...

When i baught my house this system was already installed. I can not figure out how to change the passcode. I have the existing pass code and that seems to arm and disarm the system. I click on the manual and filled out a registration form but that says it will take atleast a week.

Does anyone already have a account and could get the manual for me?
Does anyone know how to change the passcode on this syste?

And also i want to know how i can use this system with my HA setup if i can? The system only has window, door, and i think fire sensors. Not sure if the fire sensors are atached to the alarm system tho.

I would like to eith us this existing system or change it out for a system... But i want it to be able to communicate with HomeSeer so i can check the status of windows and doors before i go o bed. If any are open when i ran my good night even i would like HS to announce that they are still open.

First things first.... How do i change the pass code and use the system i already have?
Robert Bass had the Napco docs on his website He is also very hepful to homeowner alarm tweekers. Napco also has the docs when you apply as an installer on their website.
Thanks DavidL I was able to dl the entire 32 page manual from his new site. It was located in the FAQ section of his site.