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Guys, I've been learning php over the past few weeks and recenlty purchsed a new domain name (, in addition to, which I already owned) and setup hosting with PowWeb (per earlier discussion).

Well, here are the fruits of my labor so far:

It's still in its early stages, and there are a few dead links, but I've got to incorporate several php and js tricks here and there.

Anyway visit, register if you want, sign the guestbook, read the blog...
Nice looking site you have going there. I would love to do something like that with my BTW i posted in you guest book. Later!
Thanks Squintz. I gave you "cred" in the blog as being the first guestbook poster :blink:
looks great, now your next step is to pull the information from HS using PHP (and COM), so you can design your own interface and security, plus it can be blended in really nicely with the new site :blink:

Also, try to remove the PHP version info (and OS info) printed at the bottom of the guest book, it's an invitation if you know what I mean :)
Thanks e, I actually added that - so I'll remove it (it was the first piece of php code i leanred - super simple).
E, I've just found your tutorials on interfacing HS with php.

Are you still useing the tutorial method or have you tried Dale Higgs php plugin?

In php is it possible to refenrence an include from another domain?

For example, my new pages are at, but my HS server (where I'll have either a copy of apache and php installed or use the plugin) is at (I actually already have a basic install of apache there that tells redirect people to in case they type in the com url without my HS port specified). Anyway, what I'd like to do is maintain most of the pages on and just have some includes that will fill info in in between my header and footer... somethign like: (file hosted on
include ('./'); //header on
include (''); //device status on
include ('./'); //footer on
or something like that - or the opposite, or will I need to make copies of my header and footer (and their dependant files) and maintain them on the server???

Other question, can I ftp to an install of apache on my machine from a remote location?
You can include files from another domain, but that might slow the pages down, and you also won't be able to include any code, since it would be executed when you are including it.

You could write a PHP script on the HS machine, which will export the device status to CSV or something, then open that file from the HA interface on the .net domain, and generate your tables/data that way, but this would only work if your broadband connection is fast enough.

I still use apache/php/com, as it is the most efficient way imo (at least for now until HS 2.0 is released).
Guys, give it another look.

I have not gone as far as doing the php thing on the HS server yet, but I did find a way to use inline frames (iframes) to display the hs-generated content inside my php pages. End state is a "page" hosted on 2 different servers, one in php and the other in asp. I then went through and adjusted HS's style sheet so all of my pages match.

I''ve tested the pages so far on the latest versions of IE, Netscape, and Firefox. So far, the pages have full functionality on IE and Firefox (though firefox displays iframes a wee bit differently). Netscape doesn't like some of my image rollovers, and doesn't seem to care for some of my table attributes (height an border, I think).