My remotes


I have too many remotes I think...

1 for my directv and tv.
1 for my vcr.
1 for my dvd player.

*Supposedly* I can program the one with my tv and cable thingy on it to include my vcr, but it hasn't worked yet.

Yeah. Uhm.

In my bedroom, I have 3 remotes too.

1 for my tv.
1 for my vcr.
1 for my (unworking) stereo.

I think I'm overdoing it. :)
Best option would be to get a universal "learning" remote. Radioshack has a 8in1 for $30, so even if you have buttons the universal doesn't have, you can still map your buttons. They also have a unit that includes the RF option, same price, and allows to be in a different part of the house, and still control your equipment (great if you have a stereo).

8in1 part # with the wireless option: 15-2117

8in1 part # with the wireless option: 15-2116
and they light up in the dark :) These models can also be hooked up to the computer to add more support for equipment, but it requires a special cable, and probably will never be needed. I have one of these myself, and absolulely love it.

I also have one of these: , not a true learning remote, just a typical univeral remote, but the buttons are huge which makes it a nice gadget (and they light up too). The only reason I am not using this one is because it doesn't support my dvd player completely, and since it isn't a learning remote, you are stuck with the preconfigured codes/buttons.
Bwahahaha I have another remote now. I opened my Christmas presents tonight and one of my gifts was a 60-cd Sony Mini Hi-Fi System...the remote's confusing though, it'll take me a while to understand it. :)
time for that 8in1 remote, the only thing it doesn't support is to tell your friends what to do :)
what brand Direct TV receiver do you have? Most come with a universal remote, that does TV, Direct TV, VCR, DVD and Aux. You just got to program it with your brand.
If you want a serious universal remote look at the MX-500. Its an awsome remote. For other ifo the #1 remote website is

LOL If I ever win the lotto, I'll buy one for both of us. Until then, its nice to dream. I'm looking for a cheap way to change my Direct TV receiver from another room right now.